Create a New Account

To create a new Account in Pinventory®, click on Create an Account:

You'll be brought to the following screen:

Input the information for the person whose Account this will be.  They will be the first person on the Account and will have Administrative rights.  

Input a Username for the Admin.  

Input a Password.  We recommend a longer password comprised of two or more longer words that are totally unrelated.  Studies have shown that those passwords are considerably more secure than the historically recommended  8 characters with upper case, numbers, letters and characters.  

Reinput the Password.

Check a box for the way you want Pinventory® to verify the Account:  you can be verified via Email or via SMS (text message).

Check the box that acknowledges that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Service.

Click "Continue".

You'll be brought to the Subscription Plan screen:

Notice that the Basic Plan includes 2 Users, 1 Profile and 1 Home Inventory.  

You can just subscribe to the Basic Plan or, if you know you'll want more Users, Profiles and/or Home Inventories, you can add them to your Basic Plan right on this screen.  

Once you're satisfied with your number of Users, Profiles and Home Inventories, click Continue and you'll be brought to the payment page:

Fill out your credit card information and click "Start Trial".  You'll be brought to the Pinventory® Member Profiles screen to create your first Member Profile:

 To create your first Member Profile, click on Create Profile.  For more information, see Member Profiles