Personal Contacts

Personal Contacts are people associated with a Member Profile, such as friends, family, and even business associates.  They are organized in a way similar to an address book.  The contacts may or may not be designated as other Pinventory┬« Member Profiles -- they can start out as Personal Contacts and then later become Member Profiles.  Any Contact can be auto-linked to multiple Member Profiles.  Here is an example of the list of Personal Contacts:



To add a new Personal Contact, select  and fill out the basic Personal Contact fields on the Add Contact screen.  You can add a brand new Personal Contact, or you can select an existing Personal Contact from another Member Profile that your Admin has given you access to. You can input anything you want in the Shared Notes section, but please keep in mind that anyone else sharing that Personal Contact will see the contents of the Shared Notes box.  The Event Log for a Personal Contact, however, is not shared with other Members.  Once you are finished, be sure to click "Save Changes".  If you forget, you'll receive a reminder.



Once you've added a Personal Contact, you'll be brought back to the list of Personal Contacts. To add more information or edit the existing information for a Contact, click on the Edit icon  next to the Personal Contact you want to change -- there is lots of information you can add on the Edit Contact screen:



Notice that now you can add numerous additional pieces of information about the Personal Contact; you can add addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and what the relationship is between the Personal Contact and the Member.  Scrolling down the page, you can also add pictures of the Personal Contact as well as documents. 

Finally, as long as there is an available Profile in the Account, the Admin can take a Personal Contact and convert them into a Member Profile.  An example of this would be that, when you start your Account, you'll start with one Profile.  You'll input your spouse or your child as a Personal Contact.  You'll create your Home Inventory.  Then, when you're ready, you might want to create a Profile for your spouse or child.  Since the information is already there and you have additional Profiles to use, the Admin can convert one of those Personal Contacts to a Member Profile and then start populating Modules of information for that Member, such as their Credit Cards, their own set of Personal Contacts, their Financial Accounts, etc.