Member Profiles

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What's a Member Profile?

Pinventory® lets you create Member Profiles, allowing you to organize personal information by the person in your family.  Once you have created a Member Profile, you can fill that Profile with lots of information about you or your family Member.  The Admin of your Account is the only person allowed to create Member Profiles.


Member Profile Screen

The first screen you see when you log into Pinventory® each time is the Member Profile screen; this is where you choose which Profile you want to use.  There is also a  button, allowing the Admin to create a new Profile if selected.  You’ll also see “Available Profiles” on this screen, followed by the remaining number of Profiles you can create, based on how many were purchased.  The Pinventory® Base Plan comes with 1 Profile; additional Profiles can be purchased for $2/Profile in the Plans & Pricing section.  The screen below shows the number of Available Profiles as “0” because this account only had 1 Profile included, and that Profile was created. 


Member Profiles Screen



Creating a Profile

As stated above, the Admin of your Account is the only person allowed to create Member Profiles.  There are two ways to add/create Profiles: using the  button on the Member Profiles screen, described above, and by selecting on the top right corner of any screen, and then selecting Switch Profiles.  From there, select .




Once you select "Create Profile", you will see a Create Profile screen for you to fill out basic information about the Pinventory® Member Profile.  The initial Create Profile popup screen contains information such as the first and last name of the Member, their primary phone number and email address, their birth date, and the ability to upload a picture of them.  Instead of a picture, you can choose an Avatar Color so that their initials will display inside of a circle with that color background.  Be sure to select before you leave the screen.




You can add additional information about the Member by clicking on the Member Details Module.


Switching Profiles

 To switch Member Profiles, you can do it one of two ways:

  1. Go to Settings → Switch Profiles and select the Avatar (image) of the Member Profile you want
  2. On the left Navigation Bar, select the down arrow next to the name of the current Member Profile and select the one you want.




Editing and Deleting Profiles

The Member’s Profile information can always be edited, or added to, in the Member Details Module.  If you wish to delete the Profile, you can do so from the Member Profiles screen, either when you first log in or by going to Settings → Switch Profiles, as shown above. Just select .