Hide, Unhide, and Show Hidden Items or Records

For any number of reasons, you might want to hide an item or record from its list so that you don't see it appear in the list with other items or records.  Right now, you can do this for Residences, Personal Contacts, and Event Logs.  If you want to hide an item or record, select the Edit icon next to the item or record in the list, and then select , located on the top left corner of the edit screen.  Turn the button from off to on, so that it turns blue



If you want view the Hidden items, either so you can see all of them or so you can Edit the item to Unhide it permanently, select Show Hidden in the list of items.  The number next to Show Hidden tells you how many items are currently hidden.  If you want to make the item permanently Unhidden, Edit the item and turn the Hide Data button off.