The Member Details Module is where you can see all of the main information for a Member Profile, including name, birth date, eye color, blood type, driver's license info, and SSN, among many other fields.  You can also manage email addresses, phone numbers, and reminders for that person, as well as manage the dropdown lists.  After you edit or add any information, please be sure to select .  There are 3 additional sections within Member Details: Personal Contacts, Legal Name Change, and Extra Information. 




Personal Contacts

The Personal Contacts section will view the people/contacts you've entered into the Personal Contacts Module.  You can edit their information from this section; however, you can only add contacts in the Personal Contacts Module.



Legal Name Change

This is where you can document any legal name changes the person has had, whether due to marriage or another reason. 



Extra Information

This section allows you to check off boxes for each additional piece of information that applies to the person.  The choices in this section cannot be edited or added to.