Sign Up and Log In to Pinventory®

In order to use Pinventory®, you need to sign up for an Account and create a Username and Password.

To sign up for an Account, go to and click on "Create an Account":

You'll be brought to a sign up screen.  Fill in the form, check which way you would like Pinventory® to verify who you are, read the Terms and Conditions and then check the box to agree to them.  Fiinally, click "Continue":

A box will pop up and show you the Basic Plan.  Notice that Pinventory® comes with a 15 day free trial.  Your credit card will not be billed until after your free trial is over.  If you add any additional Users, Profiles and/or Home Inventories, your trial period will immediately be over.

Once you've reviewed the Plan and added any Add Ons that you want, click "Continue"

You'll be brought to the credit card information page:

Fill out the form and click "Finish".

Depending on the way you told Pinventory® to verify you, you'll either receive an email or a text message.  The email will have a link to click to verify your account.  The text message will have a pin number.  Input the pin number when asked for it:

Check the box to keep yourself signed in and click "Verify".

When successfully verified, you will be brought to a blank Pinventory® Member Profiles screen to create your first Member Profile, which is a collection of information about one person:

You're in!  You've got your Pinventory® Account set up so you can now start inputting information into the program!  Go to Member Profiles to see how to add a Profile.