Event Logs allow you to record an important Event, relating to an item or a person.  For example, you can record when a Home Inventory Item was fixed or when you first met one of your Personal Contacts.  Event Logs are currently available when Adding or Editing Home Inventory Items and Personal Contacts, by selecting Event Log. 



The Event Logs you see and create will be associated with that Module.  For example, if you create an Event Log in Home Inventory, that Event Log will be associated with the Home Inventory Module, and you will view only those Event Logs when you open Event Logs there. To add a new Event Log, select Add New. You can also Show Hidden Event Logs.



If you want to delete an Event Log, select the red trash icon .  You can always Restore Deleted Event Logs if you want them back.


When you add an Event Log, you’ll see the following fields:

  • Category –This field is required.  You can add Categories using Manage Dropdowns.  Examples of Categories are Maintenance, Important Life Events, Loans, etc. 
  • Date – This is the date of the Event.
  • Type of Event – This is what the Event is, and this field is required.
  • Attendees/Contacts – This field is required and lists who was involved in the Event.  Aside from being a person, this could also be a company.
  • Value – If applicable, you can enter a Value, such as the cost involved with the event.
  • Notes – Enter any Notes to help provide Details about the Event.



After adding the information for an Event Log, select Save Changes.  You can Edit the information you entered, as well as Add Pictures and Documents, by selecting the pencil icon  in the list of Event Logs.    You can also select Hide Data to hide an event from the list of Event Logs.