Residences are addresses where Pinventory® Members live, have lived, and/or own.  They get linked to Pinventory® Member Profiles.  The same Residence can be used multiple times for multiple Member Profiles, such as family members.  One Member Profile can have multiple Residences, such as a Primary Residence, a Country Home, a Commercial Property, and a Timeshare.



To add a Residence, select , complete the information on the Add Residence screen.  Residence Name, Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code are all required fields.  When you are finished, select .



After you Save the initial information, you can then add more information by selecting the Edit icon , in the list of Residences.  When you Edit, you’ll see more fields than before, such as the ability to add Phone Numbers, dates of Occupancy, Pictures, and Documents.  You can also Manage Dropdowns and Manage/Add Reminders.  When you're finished entering information, select



When you're ready to create a Home Inventory, you must come to Residences and turn on the Home Inventory button for the Residence that you want to house your Home Inventory.  Pinventory® allows one Home Inventory per Residence, and one Home Inventory comes with the Base Plan.  If you have more than one Residence, only one of them can have a Home Inventory unless you purchase another Home Inventory, which is an additional $5/month.  Learn all about Home Inventories here.