Home Inventory Items

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What is a Home Inventory?

The Home Inventory Module of Pinventory® is used to create a catalog or list of personal items/property, with pictures and documents, which can all be logged into one location.  This could include items like furniture, cars, electronic equipment, jewelry, antiques, wine collections, baseball cards, and paintings; anything that has significant value - financially and/or sentimentally - to the Member.  These will be able to be sorted by type, location, Residence, and which family member they belong to.  You will even be able to print reports of them and export them. Here is an example of a list of Home Inventory Items:




Linking a Home Inventory to a Residence

Home Inventory Items from one home or address are linked to a specific Residence and can be seen by all Member Profiles at that Residence, unless otherwise specified (see Sharing Permissions for further details).  This means that a Residence must be created before Home Inventory Items.

Only the Admin can designate a Residence as having a Home Inventory.  To do so, the Admin needs to go to the Residences Module, select the Edit icon  for the Residence they want for their Home Inventory, and then turn the “Home Inventory” button on .  This is also where you will see the number of Available Home Inventories.  The following picture displays where the Home Inventory button and number of Available Home Inventories are located:



As you can see in the above picture, the Home Inventory button is turned on (blue) but faded; this is because it is locked. Once you designate a Residence as having a Home Inventory, you cannot turn it off while Home Inventory Items linked to that same Residence are active – those Items would need to be deleted, allowing the Home Inventory button to be turned off.

You will also see above that the number of Available Home Inventories is “0.”  This is because only 1 Home Inventory was purchased for this account, and a Home Inventory has already been created.  Additional Home Inventories can be created when more Home Inventories are purchased.


Adding Home Inventory Items

Now that the Residence has been properly linked to Home Inventory, you can go to the Home Inventory Module and select .  You will then be brought to the Add Inventory Item screen:



This is where you can input all information about the item, such as financial information, warranty/insurance information, and custom fields.  You can also Manage Dropdown lists, such as Item Types and Locations, as well as Manage Reminders and create Event Logs.  Residence, Item Type, and Item Name are the only required fields.  Any other fields can be added initially or after the Item is added.




Once you’ve entered the initial information and selected , you can add Pictures, Documents, and Custom Fields, without leaving the screen.  This information cannot be added until initial information is saved and the Item is added.



Editing Home Inventory Items

Once a Home Inventory Item has been added, you can go back into the record for that Item any time and add more information by selecting the Edit icon  in the list of Home Inventory Items.  Here is an example of some completed fields:



Deleting and Restoring Deleted Home Inventory Items

Just as you can with other Items and Records, go to the list of Home Inventory Items, in the Home Inventory Module, and select the Delete icon  next to the Item you wanted deleted.

Deleted Home Inventory Items can be restored just as other items can (see this article); however, they can only be restored if the Residence they are associated with is designated to have a Home Inventory (Home Inventory button is turned on).  If it is, you will see "Available" in the Residence column.  If not, you will instead see "Unavailable."  If the Residence is Unavailable, you can make it Available by turning the Home Inventory button back on for that Residence.



Sharing Permissions for Home Inventory Items

When you’re adding Home Inventory Items, you can designate Ownership of Items, in order to make it clear which Item belongs to which family member.  And if you have Profiles for different family members, all Profiles will be able to view all Items in the Home Inventory for their Residence, by default.


Let’s say, for example, that a piece of jewelry, such as a diamond ring, is designated as being Owned by a specific family member.  If the family member wishes to make that Item Hidden to other family members, or Profiles, they can select the Do Not Share icon  in their list of Home Inventory Items, next to the item they wish to not share. The diamond ring, in that case, would not show up in any other Profiles.


Custom Fields

Custom Fields are unique to the Home Inventory Module and allow you input/track a variety of information types for Home Inventory Items.  Even more, you can copy the fields so that you can use the same fields for similar Items.  Please read the article on Custom Fields for more information.



Pinventory® Home Inventory App

Pinventory® has an accompanying app that allows you to take pictures with your cell phone (Android and iOS versions available), and have that picture automatically sent to the selected Residence within your Pinventory account.  Sweet!