My Account - Plans & Pricing

This is where you can see the Pinventory® subscription plan you currently have, make changes to it and view the additional, various subscriptions we offer.

The screen has three parts to it:

Your Current Plan and the Pricing Control Panel

The Pricing Control Panel shows you how many Users, Profiles and Home Inventories your Plan currently includes and allows you to Add or Reduce the number of each.  You can only reduce the number of each down to the Base Plan level of 2 Users, 1 Profile and 1 Home Inventory.  As you change how many of each you want, you'll see the Updated # and the new monthly price.  THE NEW NUMBERS WON'T TAKE EFFECT UNTIL YOU CLICK "Save Changes".

As you change your Plan numbers, the next section breaks down the costs for you:

Notice that the beige boxes show you the same numbers as what you've inserted in the Pricing Control Panel. The Summary Worksheet shows you Pinventory®'s pricing structure; the Base Plan as well as what each Additional User, Profile and Home Inventory costs on a per month basis.  The Summary Worksheet also shows you how many Users, Profiles and Home Inventories you haven't yet used and are still available to you to create.

Before your new Plan can go into effect, you have to read the disclaimer and click "Save Changes".  The disclaimer says that Pinventory® will use the highest number of Users, Profiles and Home Inventories that you've signed off on in a given month.  So if you started the month with 3 Users, 3 Profiles and 1 Home Inventory, added an additional User and Profile and Inventory during the month and then changed your mind and reduced the numbers of each back to 3, 3 and 1, you'll still be charged for the additional User, Profile and Home Inventory for the current month.  The following month you'll go back to 3, 3 and 1 unless you authorize more during the next month.  Pinventory® does not pro-rate pricing during a month.

Finally, for your convenience, we've given you a Plan Adjustment History so you can see every time you've signed off on a change to your Plan.

The Total Items at the bottom will always match your latest Updated Plan (or Current Plan, if you haven't updated your Plan) numbers.