Navigating Around Pinventory®

Pinventory® is organized to be as user-friendly and efficient as possible.

There are  x main areas to Pinventory®:

1. Left Navigation Bar - this is where you can switch to different Member Profiles that you have and where all your available Sections and their Modules can be found.  

Pinventory® has five main Sections:  Personal, Financial, Medical, Reports and Tools.  Within those Sections are the Modules for the various types of Pinventory® products.  For example, for Pinventory® Home Inventory, the below can be found in the Left Navigation Bar:

          Section                       Module

  Member Details
  Personal Contacts
  Home Inventory 
  Home Inventory
  Manage Dropdowns

2. Module Screens - This is where all of the Module functionality and entries occur, including creating Reports.   There are generally two types of screens for inputting information, with additional popup screens on those screens:

  1. Main input screen such as the Member Details screen.  There are additional popup screens for Managing Dropdowns and Reminders as well as adding additional information.
  2. List screen that shows a list of all the Records that have been created.  To work on any Record, or set of information, you select the "Edit" icon and that takes you into the Main input screen.

3. Settings - Settings are where you can view and change your plan, see information about your account, switch profiles and get help.  Pinventory® has an extensive Help menu where you can search for information how to use the various parts of the software.  You can also start a chat from Settings, as well as from the Support button at the bottom right of every screen.