Pinventory® Home Inventory App

Pinventory®'s Home Inventory App is the fastest, most efficient way to take photos for a Home Inventory!  All you have to do is open an Account, create a Member Profile and a Residence for the Home Inventory and Voila!  You're on your way!

Pinventory® Home Inventory App comes free with a Base Account, so once you have your Account opened, go to the app store for your type of phone and download the app:

  • For the iPhone, go to the Apple store from your phone
  • For the Android, go to the Google marketplace from your phone

Once you have downloaded your app, open it up by pressing the Pinventory® icon:

You'll be brought to the Welcome to Pinventory® Login screen:

Input the Username and Password that you created for your Pinventory® Account online and click "Login".  

You’ll be brought to the Member Profiles page.  

Select the Member Profile for whom you’re creating this Home Inventory.  You'll be brought to the main Pinventory® Home Inventory App screen:

You can take the photo before inputting information about it, or you can input the information before taking the photo - either way is fine.

To take a photo, press on the camera icon.  You'll be given a choice as to whether you want to use the camera or retrieve an already taken photo from the camera roll.

To take a photo with the app, select Take Photo.  To choose an already taken photo, select Choose from Library.  Whichever you choose will bring you to the appropriate screen for that choice. 

If you decide to take a photo, your phone camera will open and you will be able to take a photo.  Once taken, the app will show you the photo and you can select to Retake the photo or Use the Photo.

If you decide to choose a photo from your camera’s library, the app will take you to your camera library and let you select the right photo. 

As soon as you select the photo, whichever way you do, the app places that photo into the Photo section on the screen.

There are five information fields to fill in on the Pinventory® Home Inventory app screen, in addition to the photo slot:

  • The Inventory ID is a unique ID number to use for each photo you take. 
  • The Item Name can be the same as the Inventory ID or you can make it whatever you want; the Item Name will show up on the bottom left of each photo in your home inventory catalog.
  • The Residence field is for the Residence Name that you gave the address in the Pinventory® software. For security purposes.  Pinventory® allows you to create a Residence Name that you can use to describe the residence without an address to be confident that no one will know the exact location of the inventory items.
  • Location is the location in the Residence where the photo item represents or resides.
  • The last item is Notes. This is where you can either type in or dictate anything you want about the photo you just took. 

Let’s look a little closer at two of the fields on the screen:

Location:  Notice that your choices are the ones from a default Dropdown list that resides on Pinventory®’s software.  You can add to this list and edit your additions.

Notes:  If you scroll down and tap on the Item Description field, the keyboard will come up on your screen.  You’ll notice a microphone icon.  If you tap it, you can dictate into the phone and it will type, for you, everything you say.  Be sure to review what it typed, though… Siri and other dictation apps are notorious for messing up words! Again, use caution as to what information you input into the app.  Save inputting values for when you’re online, in a more secure environment. 


Once you have all fields input and your photo is in place, select “Save”.

Now comes the cool part.  Pinventory® will now take the photo and all its information and immediate and automatically send it to the proper Home Inventory for the Residence and Account you specified when you opened the app.  No exporting.  No importing.  You’re done!