The below Glossary is arranged alphabetically.  If a word is capitalized, it means there is a Glossary entry defining that word.


Account - a paid subscription containing a collection of Member Profiles and their information, that one or more Users can access and work on.

Admin - The first user of an Account that is the manager of the entire Account.  The Admin sees and    controls all information in a Pinventory® Account.

Attachments - Attachments are available for many records throughout Pinventory®.  Attachments can be image files such as jpeg, jpg, png, tiff, they can be PDFs, Word, Excel and PPT files.


Base Account - Entry level Pinventory® Account.  Includes 2 Users, 1 Profile and 1 Home Inventory for $6.95/month


Category - A grouping title for information that the Admin and the User can create.  Different screens allow for different Category lists to be created.

Credit Cards - A Module that lets a User collect information about all their credit, debit, club and other cards.  The credit card only allows input of the last 5 digits of the card number, for security reasons.

Critical Documents - A Module that lets a User collect information about essential documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, driver's license, social security card, passport, deeds and other documents.  The User can scan and upload documents such as Image files, PDFs, Word, Excel and PPT documents that are copies and/or scans of critical documents.


Data Import - Pinventory®

Data Export

Dropdown - A box that contains a list of choices for the User to select one to populate a Field on the screen.

Dropdown Management


Education - A Module that allows a User to store a Member’s entire educational history for use in resumes, biographies, projects or events. 

Employment - A Module that collects information on all of the jobs – both paid and volunteer – that a Member has held during their lifetime.  This information can then be used by Pinventory™ to create a Resume report and for biographical information and other similar projects.

Event Log - Users can create their own diary of phone calls, meetings and notes that they want to maintain for each person, firm and even item, such as a house or a home inventory item, with or for whom they interact.  Users can create their own, unlimited number of Categories and even attach documents to the Event Log.


Field - A piece of information that a User inputs into Pinventory®.  Strings of these Fields make up Records.  It's very similar to the idea that words, when strung together, make up sentences.

Financial Accounts - A Module that collects information regarding various financial accounts held by the Member at each of their financial firms and, consequently, is stored in this more secured, password protected Section.  

Financial Tracker - A Module that allows the User to keep track of any type of financial statistics for a Member.  Examples might be insurance claims submitted, bills paid, costs associated with a household improvement project, etc.  The Financial Tracker is also the repository of financial balances that can be posted from other Financial Section Modules such as Financial Accounts and Investments.


Groups/Affiliations - A Module that captures all of the various activities a Member may be involved with, such as country clubs, YMCAs, churches, synagogues, associations, book clubs, etc.  There's an Event Log for this Module so that the User can maintain records of phone calls, conversations, meetings and notes that they’d like to record.


Healthcare History - A Module that collects all of a Member’s Healthcare History, including their family’s healthcare history, so that a proper Medical Intake Form can be created.  This Module includes Allergies, Vaccinations, Hospitalizations and Family History, although the Medical Intake Form includes additional information such as Medications and Medical Procedures.

Home Improvements Tracker - A Module that allows the User to keep track of projects that have occurred for each of their Residences. It is meant to allow the User to keep track of any type of information for the Residence that can’t be found in the various Sections  of the Financial Tab related to the User's Residence.  Examples would be a list of projects that were started and completed such as a new roof, a new addition onto the house, replacing windows, etc. The information is input directly into the Home Improvements Tracker.

Home Inventory - A Module that is used by a Member to create a list of their personal property, which can all be logged into one location, by Residence, including pictures, if they so choose.  This could include items like furniture, cars, electronic equipment, homes, jewelry, antiques, wine collections and paintings; anything that has significant value to the Member.  The Home Inventory Module has the added functionality to be able to track items as they move, for example, from one Residence to another, from a home, to a warehouse or moving van, to another home. Pinventory® has a special phone app that allows a User to take pictures with their phone, input or dictate information about the picture and, when they click "SAVE", automatically sends the picture and the information to the Pinventory® web-based software to the proper Account, Member Profile and Residence, without any manual intervention!


iCal - A program that allows you to push your Reminders out to your Outlook or Gmail calendar.



IT Inventory

IT Tracker


Last Wishes

Links - Linking is a way to connect or attach information from one Record to another, without having to reinput that information.  As an example, if 5 people live at one Residence, why should a User have to reinput that address 5 times?  Pinventory® allows you to input the Residence address once and then Link it to everyone who resides there, by providing a Dropdown list of Residence addresses that already have been created in your Pinventory® account.

Login - The way you get to your Pinventory® Account.  The Login consists of a Username and a Password.


Military Service - A collection of any activity a Member has had within the Military Service.



Medical Facilities

Medical Practices

Medical Procedures

Medical Visits

Medical Insurance

Member Details

Mobile App - Pinventory®'s special mobile app for any type of phone or tablet that allows a User to take pictures, input or dictate information about the picture and, when they click "SAVE", automatically sends the picture and the information to the Pinventory® web-based software to the proper Account, Member Profile and Residence, without any manual intervention!

Module - A collection of fields of information about a specific topic, such as Professional Firms or Member Details.  The Professional Firms Module collects information about the professional firms you use such as the name of the firm, the address, the phone number the contact names and various events that take place with people from each professional firm.   The module Member Details collects information about the Member such as their name, alias, phone number, height, weight, blood type, email addresses, place of birth, social security number, etc.  Modules are listed on the left side of the screen.  There are 13 Modules in the Personal Section, 9 Modules in the Medical Section and 15 Modules in the Financial Section.  Pinventory® has the capability to hide Modules that you're not using and even create a new Section for specific versions of the software, taking individual Modules from two different Sections.  Home Inventory is one of those specific versions and is the first version release of Pinventory®.  Home Inventory has 13 Modules that are from both the Personal and the Financial Sections of Pinventory™.


Passwords - A Module that holds all of the Username/Passwords the User has, including Passwords from every other Module that contains Passwords.  Passwords include secured locations, codes, combination lock codes and other Username/Passwords that are not in other Modules.

Personal Contacts - A Module that collects information about people associated with  a Pinventory® Member Profile, such as friends and family and even business associates.  They may or may not be  Pinventory® Member Profiles themselves (such as a daughter, son, mother, father...)

Personal Tracker - A Module that allows the User to keep track of any type of information for the Member that can’t be found in the various other Module of the Personal Section. Examples would be a list of anniversaries or birthdays of family and friends, a To Do list for planning a wedding or party, a daily shopping list or daily schedule, etc.  

Pets - All information related to pets of a Pinventory® Members can be input into the Pet Module their Member Profile.  The type of information includes info about the pet, the veterinarian such as the name, address, phone number and contact personnel and the medical history and immunizations of each pet. 

Pharmacies - A Module to collect all the medications a Member takes – both those that are prescribed by various doctors as well as non-prescribed medications such as herbal remedies and over-the-counter medications that a Member chooses to take on their own. 

Product - Offerings by Pinventory® of a group of Modules meant to collect information focused on a specific need of Users.  Pinventory® will be offering 3 Products:  Pinventory® Home Inventory ( 13 Modules) , Pinventory® Plus ( 27 Modules, including Personal and Financial sections) and Pinventory® Complete (all Modules), which includes the Medical section. Pinventory®Home Inventory is the initial release.

Professional Firms - A Module that collects information about all firms with whom a Pinventory™ Member has relationships, such as banks, brokerage firms, credit card companies, insurance companies and investment firms alike. Medical Providers, such as Medical Contacts, are NOT included in this Tab, nor are Employers, Groups, Affiliations, Education or Service Providers.

Progress Bar  -  Sometimes we all need a little "push" to stay on track.  So we decided Pinventory® should incorporate some fun by motivating you to achieve the goal of getting your information consolidated into one place.   Initially, we're just showing your information collecting progress in the Progress Bar but stay tuned!  Soon we'll be adding some interesting incentives to keep you moving along with your adding information to your Profile.  

If you don't feel you need that push, you can always turn the Progress Bar off by just clicking on the Hide button:

Policies/Contracts - A Module that consolidates all of the information about the various policies and contracts that the Pinventory® Member holds, such as life insurance, long term care, homeowners insurance, car insurance, umbrella policies and other types of contracts, such as maintenance agreements and even Limited Partnership agreements.

Primary User - The first User to log into the Pinventory® Account.  This User is considered the Admin of the Account.  They have full control and access to the capabilities of the program.  A Primary User can do the following:  delete certain information, create and delete user Accounts and set permissioning.  

Properties - A Module that allows Pinventory® Members to track more detailed information about their Residences, such as their costs and home improvements they have made, but don't want to have that information appear in the Personal Section, since this is financial and more confidential information.  Additionally, they may have rental properties that they would like to record and keep track of, since the same type of information needed for those Properties is similar to the Member Residence information.  


Record - A string of Fields, or pieces of information, that are saved together.  It's very similar to the idea that words, when strung together, make up sentences.  Records are like sentences that contain information.

Reminders - A Module that allows the User to set a reminder for any activity that they want to track.  They can be reminded about prescription expiration dates, dog license renewals, anniversaries, birthdays, passport expirations, driver’s license expirations, doctor's appointments and even bill paying and maintenance agreement renewals.  Reminders utilize iCal so they can be sent to Outlook and Gmail

Residences - A Module that collects information about each address that represents a place that a Member Profile has.  One Pinventory® Member Profile can have multiple Residences, such as a primary residence, a country home, a commercial property, a timeshare, and even a moving van or a safe deposit box... wherever a Member's belongings "reside".  One Residence can be used multiple times for different Member Profiles within a Pinventory® Account.  (Also, see Primary Residences and Secondary Residences)

Residential Service Providers - A Module that collects information about companies that provide services to Residences of Pinventory® Members, such as utility companies, landscapers, telephone companies, cable TV, and the like.

Rx Appliances - A Module that consolidates all of the information about various appliances that a Member uses. These can include braces, retainers, dentures, wheelchairs, kangaroo pumps, oxygen and even glasses and contacts. 


Secondary User - A User using Pinventory® but is restricted as to some of the capabilities of the program.  A Secondary User cannot do the following:  delete certain information, create or delete user Accounts or set permissions.  

Section - A collection of Modules that work together to create a specific kind of information for the User.  Pinventory® has 3 main Sections for information collection.  It also has a Reports Section to report on the information that was collected and a Tools Section for additional tools a user can utilize, such as Reminders, which go across all Sections, Data Import, Data Export and Dropdown Management.

Subscriptions - A Module for consolidating all the information about any type of subscription a Member Profile has.  This includes physical subscriptions, such as newspapers and magazines, sporting events and symphony tickets as well as online subscriptions.


Tracker -  An online spreadsheet or "to do" list where Users can create their own, unlimited number of Categories, keeping "track" of items and Events and then assign dates, values, notes, Reminders and even attach documents to each record. Each of the main Sections has at least one related Tracker Section.  Examples of uses of each Tracker are:

       Personal Tracker:                           Anniversaries, Birthdates, Wedding Planner, To-Do lists.                             Financial Tracker:                           Timesheets, Insurance Claims, Bill Paying                                                   Home Improvements Tracker:       Keep track of home improvements, by residence                                       Vital Statistics:                               Blood pressure, Weight, Cholesterol, Calories, Liquid Intake                       Medical Tracker:                            Test results, questions for doctor, symptoms



Type of Event


User - Someone that is authorized by the Admin of that Pinventory® database to view and/or edit one or more Member Profiles within a Pinventory™ Account.    The use of the phrase “User” is displayed throughout this Knowledge Base as the person who is “using” the product, since it's possible that someone using Pinventory® may or may not create and maintain their own Member Profile.  

Username - The Login name when signing into your Account.