Dropdown Management

Pinventory® allows the Administrator to preload or pre-populate custom values that are displayed in each of the Dropdown lists in the program.  For example, if you have an Inventory "Item Type" Dropdown list, Pinventory has already pre-populated the list with choices that we've found to be the most frequently used:

Appliance, China, Clothing, Coats, Coins, Collectibles, Furniture, Jewelry, Crystal, Lamps, Linens, Computers, Cameras, Printers, the list goes on... 46 different items.  By having a "default" set of items for each list, it makes choices easier and more consistent throughout the program. 

But you may have other items that you want to use that we haven't thought of.  Dropdown Management lets you add those items to any list.  It also allows for the deletion of duplications and correction of spelling errors for items that you've input.  

You can’t add to the list when on the app – you can only add and edit the list in the online program.

To see existing default sets of Dropdown lists or to add custom entries of your own, Click on Tools -> Dropdown Management to open the Dropdown Management utility. 

When you click on the Dropdown Filter down arrow icon, it displays all of the pre-set Dropdown lists we've pre-populated.

Let's select Home Inventory Item Types as an example:

Notice that they all say they are "Default" items.  That means you can't edit or delete them.

Adding to the Dropdown List

If you want to add a new Item Type, fill in the field on the bottom and then click "Add".  Let's add "Antique Furniture"":

Notice that your entry has been added and that you now have the ability to Update it or Delete it.

Updating the Dropdown List

Default Items cannot be updated or deleted.  To update a custom Dropdown list item, make the change to the item first, then click on Update.

You can Manage Dropdowns on any screen where they're used.  You'll see the option at the top of the screen and when you click it you'll see only the Dropdowns that are available for that screen:

As shown above, select the list you want to add to or edit.  Remember, you can only edit and delete list entries that are not Default entries.