What is Pinventory®?

Pinventory® is our secure, web-based software that gives you the power to collect, organize and access your personal, medical, financial and other essential information to access it whenever and wherever you need it.

Pinventory® lets you create Member Profiles, which are separate groupings of information for members of your family.  Once you have created a Member Profile, you can fill that Profile with lots of information about you or your family Member.

Pinventory® has three Sections within the Pinventory Product line; the Personal section, the Financial section and the Medical section.  These sections have different Modules that hold specific types of information and, depending on the Product you're using, you'll see more or fewer of them. 

As an example, the Personal section has a number of Modules that capture personal information that's important for you or someone you care about to have. 

  • Residences captures the address and phone number of each place you own or rent.  It even lets you take a picture and store it with the Residence information.   
  • Professional Firms captures the various bankers, brokers, insurance companies, attorneys and other professionals that you use.  An Event Log within the Module lets you keep track of conversations you've had and correspondence you've sent or received.
  • Service Providers captures the various people who take care of your home(s) - from the gardener to the utility company to your internet service provider, complete with phone numbers, account numbers and how you pay your bills.  Since you could have a different set of service providers for different Residences, the Service Provider Registry report that Pinventory® automatically creates includes a picture of your house (if you've uploaded one.)
  • Passwords captures all your passwords, securely storing them for instant retrieval.

The Financial section has Modules for information like Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Trusts, Policies and Contract and Critical Documents and has a Home Inventory module that has a free Phone App with it.  The app can be used on both iPhones and Androids and allows you to take a picture of your room or a specific item in a room, input identifying information into it, including via dictation, and when you hit "save" it automatically sends your picture and all the information directly into Pinventory® into the Member Profile and Residence that you chose on the app.  You can then add provenance (backup information such as receipts and even the story of why the item was purchased and Pinventory® organizes all the information and creates a home inventory catalog for you to print out. The Financial section also includes IT, which helps you log all your technology information including hardware, software, their serial numbers and maintenance agreements .

The Medical section captures all your medical information such as your hospitals, your doctors, medical insurance, your allergies, your diagnoses, your procedures, your medical history and your medications.  Unlike medical networks, Pinventory® consolidates ALL your doctors, dentists and other medical personnel, regardless of what network they're in.  It creates intelligent reports for you like a medical intake form, an emergency medical card, a list of all of your doctors and a list of medications that you take for each part of the day.

There are two additional utility Sections in Pinventory® - Reports and Tools.

Reports allow you to view information that you've input into Pinventory® in a variety of ways.  

Tools allow the Admin to manage the Dropdown lists, Reminders and other utilities.

To start your Pinventory® journey, Set up a Member Profile with Member Details and start to input some information!