Restore Deleted Items or Records

To learn about restoring Home Inventory Items, click here.

When you delete an item or record in Pinventory®, such as a Home Inventory item, a Personal Contact, an Event Log, or a phone number, it's not gone forever.  If you want to restore one of the items or records you deleted, look for the button in the screen listing the type of item you want to restore.  For example, if you want to restore a Personal Contact, go to the list of contacts in the Personal Contacts Module.



Once you select , you'll be brought to a new screen.  Select the items you want restored and select Restore.  The items will then leave Restore Deleted and appear in their original location.



Restoring Home Inventory Items:

Deleted Home Inventory Items can be restored just as other items can; however, they can only be restored if the Residence they are associated with is designated to have a Home Inventory (Home Inventory button is turned on).  If it is, you will see "Available" in the Residence column.  If not, you will instead see "Unavailable."  If the Residence is Unavailable, you can make it Available by turning the Home Inventory button back on for that Residence.