Step-By-Step Instructions for Creating a Home Inventory in Pinventory® with the Pinventory® Mobile App

This article assumes that you've already signed up for Pinventory®'s Home Inventory Product and that you've created a Username and Password for your account.  The below instructions are for basic input of home inventory pictures and Provenance (backup information) using the Pinventory™ Mobile App.  

☐   1.  Log into your Account

☐   2.   Create a Member Profile for the person whose home inventory it is.  

☐   3.  Create the Residence that will house the Home Inventory Items and turn on the Home Inventory button. 

 ☐  4.  Go to Dropdown Management to ensure that the dropdown items that are pre-populated for Pinventory® Home Inventory are what you want to see on the app when you open it up.

 ☐   5.  Download the Pinventory® Home Inventory App 

                   For Apple users, go to the Apple App store on your phone.                                                                           For Android users, go to Google Marketplace on your phone.

☐   6.  Using the features of the app as explained in Home Inventory Mobile App

                •  Take photos with the app                                                                                                                            •  Input information about the photos and                                                                                                    •  Click SAVE after each photo taken. 

The app will automatically transfer the photos and its information from the phone to the Pinventory® Member Profile and Residence you selected when you opened the app.

☐   6.  Log into your Pinventory® Account on the web and select the Member Profile you'd selected for the inventory items you just added.

☐   7.  Go to Home Inventory and select the Residence you used for the inventory items you just added.

☐   8.  Input any additional information for each item by clicking on the "Edit" icon for that Record.  

☐   9.  Upload any Provenance (backup information) that you have for any item that is a specific asset; a picture, a china collection, a statue, a car, etc.  You can scan the information and attach it here:


 Be sure to save your information.

 ☐ 10.  Go to Reports and select "Report Generator" and "Home Inventory":

 ☐ 11.  Select the type of Home Inventory report you want: 


  •  Quick Pics Only, 2 Per Page         =  portrait report with two photos per page, no information
  •  Quick Pics Only                           =  portrait report with multiple photos per page, no information
  •  Quick List, No Pics (L)                  =  landscape report with no photos, only basic information 
  •  Detail Small Pics With Info (P)       =  portrait report with multiple photos and detailed information  
  •  Detail Large Pics With Info (L)        =  landscape report with 1 large photo and detailed information
  •  Detail X-Large Pics With Info (P)     =  landscape report with 1 X=large photo and less information

☐ 12.  Select the type of criteria for the photos you want to print by filtering on different fields of information:


  • Filter by Residence = which Residence contains the home inventory information you're wanting to print out.  Note:  If you have more than one Residence, if you don't filter, you'll get information from all of the Residences
  • Filter by Ownership = if you've designated that certain items are owned by one person or entity, you can select to just see those items
  • Filter by Item Type = the type of item you labeled an item, e.g., picture, china collection, artifact, furniture, etc.  You can use general categories or more specific
  • Filter by Room = you can print out just items in a given room.  Note:  If you select "living room" and have two residences but you don't also filter by Residence, you'll get all of the items in BOTH residences.

☐ 13.  Once you've filtered your information so you have exactly the photos you want, click on the Print icon and print your inventory!  Tip:  A nice touch is to print the photos on glossy paper.